25 November 2009

AP the Politically Correct and Comical Hugo

The following headline contains at least two items of interest:

To start with, of course, the new designation of the Jackal: "alleged terrorist". The word "alleged", according to a dictionary, means "Declared but not proved" or "Doubtful or suspect". Which casts a serious shadow on the Wiki's clear cut definition of Carlos: "Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (born October 12, 1949(1949-10-12)) is a convicted Venezuelan terrorist and murderer". Apparently, being convicted in the French court still leaves some doubts in the AP's own justice system. Oh well.

Now we can go to the second item: the new hobby of Comical Hugo - rehabilitation of the world criminals of all kinds. Besides redeeming Carlos, Hugo made inroads in the history books regarding a few other unsavory characters:
In his speech, Chavez also sought to defend other leaders he said are wrongly labeled "bad guys" internationally, including Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Chavez called both of them brothers and said he now wonders whether Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was truly as brutal as he was reputed to be.
Well, well, what do you know? It certainly looks like Comical Hugo, looking forward to the long uninterrupted years of his solo leadership of Venezuela, has found a new hobby that will color the long monotonous days of being a Caudillo. He will just rewrite history at his spare time.

It is not that the field he has chosen is limited. There is a long list of evil bastards from Cain to Castro (and I am using only one letter of the alphabet), so Hugo's hands will be full...

Hat tip: Monkey in the Middle.