19 November 2009

Israeli cannibals and other links

Sloth got the upper hand today. And why bother anyway, when there are myriads of superb bloggers out there? So, to start with:

I am not sure one needs directions with this picture. Anyhow, remember that prick Donald Bostrom's article? This is one of the results - intended or not is a moot point by now.

I always thought that children should be taken away at birth and grown somewhere secluded with good locks. Or else born aged 21 with a university diploma. Scribbles has another idea. It may work, provided the kids are tethered to the machines securely.

62% of Europeans believe Jews enrich their culture. Strange that, and I thought we've enriched something else in Europe.

Two people of opposite gender have erotic dreams about president Obama. One of the two (the male) includes the second one (the female) in that erotic package, though. Which means what? Are male dreamers more generous or what? (Sorry Shlemazl, you asked for this).

Guess who is building a wall now? Ironic - but do our neighbors dig irony? Nah...