28 August 2007

Che Guevara Jewish - end of the story?

It is already more than two months since this revelation was published in English. Time to shut the trapdoor and to count the prey. Time to say:


First a short aside: one of the great (was it Fred Hoyle?) said once something about Internet being a garbage bin of the humanity. Looking at development of stories like the one of Che Guevara supposed Jewishness (or, to take some more famous example - "fake" Lunar landing, controlled demolition of WTC, etc.) is a great way to study the behavior of a few specific segments of humanity who feed on such garbage.

Now - some facts about the story. No, I am not the author, sorry to say, although I would like to pretend to this title. Sasha Nepomnyaschiy, the owner of a Russian language blog on LiVEJOURNAL, published the full text on April 1 (a small detail that escaped everyone who "researched" it, and I did not link to the original on purpose, but to another copy, preferring to hide this date for a while). Since then, Sasha has already disclosed publicly* (August 3) the fact of the story being a fake, but who reads Russian?

I got a link to the story from a friend, and the potential was clear to me immediately. The only thing to do was to translate it (partially) into English and then just be patient for a while. I have chosen a title and other wordage to sound doubtful, knowing that it will only serve as an additional irritant to some. Of course, I have avoided some passages of the story that were too outlandish even for conspiracy freaks. The passage about Che trying to convert the Indian tribes back to Judaism, like some others, has been left out. More is the pity, because it is superb...

In a few weeks my post started to draw more and more hits, majority of them from South America and Spain, but other regions of the world were represented quite solidly. Not following the Spanish language press, I can only refer to the Maariv's article (later about it) stating that the "Jewish communities of South America are agitated" and these two articles.

The heaviest fall, as far as professional journalists are concerned, was experienced by Maariv. I do not have an on-line link to the article, but here is the scanned text, courtesy of a Hebrew forum member. Most of the article is dedicated to translation of the original text into Hebrew (most probably from my post, since the same passages are omitted), but the journo has done some legwork, interviewing a few Israeli VIPs (amazingly, there wasn't an unequivocal denial of the possible family connection - I have started to wonder myself). Anyway - it is a sample of a sloppy journalism or, alternatively, a case of a wise guy who has seen through the bluff and just picked it up for fun.

And then the moonbats started to came in. In droves. First (as far as I know) was the notorious
uruknet, then a site called Roads to Iraq, then the notorious Jew- and Israeli-haters of Kabobfest, somebody calls himself Muslim in Suffer and many more. Eventually the Egyptian Al Ahram got caught as well (no link, since it is broken by now). The headline was more or less uniform:

Israeli propaganda: Che Guevara and Ariel Sharon are cousins

None of the morons, of course, was able to explain what is it precisely that Israeli propaganda intends to get of the story, but the obvious excitement and the knee-jerk reaction are witness to the readiness to jump at any provocation...

It will be a grave omission not to mention Khalid Baheyeldin, an Egyptian guy now living in Ontario, Canada and his excellent post Jewish ancestry as a slander: Che Guevara as a recent example. Says Khalid:
Over the years, I have seen many people getting "accused" of having Jewish ancestry by their political adversaries. This tactic is used to discredit the person, throw doubts on their loyalty, and attribute undefined ulterior motives for their often controvertial actions.

These rumors are appealing to the masses because it offers a simple (wrong) answer to complex questions (actions of leaders).
Viva to sanity!

And then came the cavalry of another kind: the extremists. As a good example - some cesspool with a usual pretentious name "LibertyForum" that draws its moonbats both from the extreme right and extreme left, and they manage to coexist quite nicely there. Two threads with some delicious comments, part of which I just have to quote:
I have always suspected Castro of being a Jew but not Che. Does anybody have any insight? I would also add that my guess is that Judeo-Freemasonry has probably played a larger role in the revolutionary movement in Latin America then direct Jewish/Zionist influence.
I think the message here is a simply a warning to south Americans that south America is being filtrated by "Israel". This has been going on for many generations however and to their great detrement. At least they're getting wise to it. Israel is not the top of the pyramid however.
but today he is an icon the jewish left trot out to lead the young kids with and sell new fashion
And so it goes...

Meanwhile, poor Dr Ephraim Davidi, author of a biography on Che, was riled out of his academic cool and forced to deal with stupidest inquiries - my apologies extended to him and his close ones who obviously suffered for a period of time. That is, unless he is one of the Che fervent followers.

As for the tool used in this Elders' propaganda exercise, one Ernesto Guevara de la Serna: a loser, a psychopath, a torturer, a murderer, in short - everything you all do not want your children to become - may he burn in hell, if there is a hell. And may all these stupid youngsters who still put his posters on their walls, see this picture in their dreams, instead of the schmaltzy poster boy:

(*) Some friends say that telling the truth at this stage will not stop the story from spreading, since it has already got a life of its own. We'll see.

P.S. Now that we have established that Che Guevara is not Jewish, one question still bothers me: is he or isn't he Ariel Sharon's cousin?



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Karl said...

Hey there...
So you're saying Che Guevara wasn't Jewish?...
I'm not to bright so you'll have to humour me here...
Was Che Guevara Jewish YES or NO
I'd really like to know can you tell me please
Shalom! V

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You will have to guess then, KKKarl. Use a coin. If you have one after the Jooz have taken all you have.