30 August 2007

Baikal triangle

For Lesley and Regan, my two favorite UFOlogists, this article courtesy of Google translation thingy (with slight editing by yours truly):

Nizhny Novgorod traveller Valentin Efremov intends to resolve the enigma of Lake Baikal, performing an air balloon flight over the so-called local "Bermuda Triangle".

First of unusual events over Baikal was in 1907. Aeronautical battalion of the Russian army was flying over the world's largest freshwater lake, and returned a verdict : it is dangerous. Several expeditions have tried to check this statement, some of these expeditions went missing. The ones who returned told surprising stories of light-radiating spheres, shiny concentric circles, being "lost in time" and abnormal airflow currents that have not allowed to cross the space above the lake.

Valentin Efremov will attempt to solve the puzzle on September 9 on board an airship "Holy Russia." On board with him will be researcher Vladimir Isaychev. The airship is equipped by advanced navigation tools especially for this flight . The expedition will be monitored from the ground by air defense units and emergency task force.

The traveler from Nizhny Novgorod is known for his air balloon flight to the North Pole and his last year unique expedition to the Arctic. "If everything will go without a problem with our health, science will gain invaluable information, observations and photography," says Efremov about his Baikal expedition.
As an aside: the article comes from Pravda ("The Truth") and as such should be taken with a grain of salt. Besides, Russians are known to be jealous of anything they do not have at home, preferably bigger and shinier. So here...

On the other hand - Baikal is really deep, wide and mysterious.