27 August 2007

Cheers to the Fat Man!

That is, Peter Ryley a.k.a the Fat Man on a Keyboard who got into Norm's hall of fame these days. Which occasion calls for an appropriate libation (notice to self - an action item for this evening). It is also an opportunity to express my appreciation for his blog. Indeed, even an Internet bandit like me could appreciate a formidable blogger when he sees one. And understand that it is vastly preferable to have him in my tent pissing out than vice versa.

Besides, he likes Kundera, which is neither here not there, but nevertheless a nice coincidence. In addition, he is with the DSTPFW crowd, which is, like, totally here.

On top of all that - he is an exceedingly humble person, which could be clearly seen from his profile. Needlessly, IMHO.

Oh, and the last remark - I will take Robbie Coltrane over Clooney every day, thank you.

OK, so give Peter a link, will you?