31 August 2007

A new era of unisex clothes

People who continuously bash Islam for its allegedly oppressive treatment of women should take another look at the situation.

I am also guilty of missing this news item that is obviously a precursor to a revolution in inter-gender relations in the Muslim world.

The leader of a radical mosque besieged by Pakistani security forces in Islamabad has been caught trying to escape wearing a woman's burka. Security forces seized Maulana Abdul Aziz as he tried to leave the Red Mosque amid a crowd of women.
It should be clear that the significance of this story is far beyond a mere scrap with these or other security people who are in any case not trained to see the real meaning of the event.

It is one thing when a criminal decides to wear burka for his own purposes. But when a senior religious cleric goes for it, it is a whole new bowl of hummus, my dear friends! The unisex dressing code is coming and it is going to change the world as we know it.

So you all better start shopping...