24 August 2007

Buffer's day again

From George via Will:

Either they are unremittingly righteous, absolute and Stalinist or, worse, smug without the least consciousness of being so. It is as if each were thinking, If only the rest of the scum I am obliged to share this earth with were as nice and intelligent as I am all would be all right.
And look what the cat has just dragged in:

The western occupation of Afghanistan has brought neither peace nor development - and it fuels the terror threat

Seumas Milne

How does this bloody throwback to Stalinism get... oh well, the bloody freedom of speech...

Then look in the comments:
Writes Seumus Milne, a former writer for Straight Left, a journal of the CPGB that supported the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.
Good job, Derek!