11 August 2007

Another Dead Sea miracle

Search and rescue teams Thursday night saved an eight-year-old boy who had been swept almost three kilometers into the Dead Sea. The search took five hours for the boy, who is said to have recited Psalms while considering swimming to the mountains in the distance.

Shneur Zalman Friedman, from Jerusalem, was swimming with his father and brother at the Neveh Midbar Beach, which was open at that time for ultra-Orthodox men and boys only."

It was a miracle," said Yehuda Meshi-Zahav of the Zaka search and rescue squad, which also participated in the search.
I am not against miracles, especially if one is needed to save a life. In any case, miracle-shmiracle: the boy is alive and well, and this is what is important.

Just a tiny remark - reciting Psalms and considering things is fine and probably makes a good yeshiva boy - but reciting Psalms while swimming could have been even better...