05 August 2007

So, did he learn anything after all?

Reading the Only Half a Country post by Maurice of One Jerusalem, I could not help noticing the same old, same old:

Further to a recent post dealing with the revelation that at lest 25% Israeli youth do not want, or are not able, to serve in the military, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, made a remark that the current attitudes of young Israelis towards their country’s military service is “nothing short of treason and should be treated as such”.
After a few years of political limbo (and economic prosperity), our general with a Rolex made a first step to the possible comeback recently, wrestling back the leadership of the Labor party. As it goes with politicians, many of us have probably already forgot the several months of beating his chest and crying "mea culpa" at any public occasion. Some of us asked then - has our Ehud really changed?

It seems that the answer is no - he still remains a general (with or without the wristwatch) and he still considers us, the citizens, to be mere conscripts that should be "treated as such".

He just doesn't know better...