09 August 2007

The joke of the week

Thus does a person with a moniker "Tim from Australia" title his opus in AlJazeera.com. He supports this revolutionary discovery by a following example of a brilliant historical review:
For sixty years, Arab countries have been offering peace deals to Israel and it always refuses to even negotiate.
That really got me thinking over these 60 years. In 1948 Arabs came out with a smasher of a peace offer, and Israel had the chutzpa to reject it disdainfully. In 1967 Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt invented a new, modified version of a peace offer, which was quite appealing too, and again the Israelis had the nerve to reject it. In 1973 Egypt and Syria came out with an even more modern, cutting edge technology offer that could have brought peace and prosperity forever to the Middle East, were they able to persuade the Israelis, who by that time have become totally recalcitrant.

And so it goes, Tim. Keep plugging, meanwhile...

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