03 August 2007

Alerting cat lovers

We, the cat lovers, should be eternally aware of any sign of trouble, especially within our own ranks. When one of us, even an (apparently) amateur cat lover, shows a lack of faith expressed by a statement like this:

Half of our mind knows that Pearl is an unconsciously sadistic little killer.

it is time for action. It is time to take this person in for a re-education. Part of the curriculum will be to explain to the person that we shouldn't attribute purely human behavior (let's make it "behaviour" in this case) motives to cats - they are predators by nature, and no amount of tree-hugging vegetarian brainwashing will change this. Of course, the other part of the training will be to ingrain the understanding of the fact that pigeons are just a subspecies of rodents, accidentally equipped by wings and should be exterminated at any opportunity. And if Pearl (PBUH) considers it to be her duty to reduce the population of these revolting creatures - more power to her.

Anyway, I am alerting some devoted cat lovers/servants to the situation. No need to become physical at this stage, I believe.

On my side, I am assigning our chief hunter to the case. She agreed to serve as chairperson of the forthcoming re-education program.

The Big One was also consulted, during his usual postprandial deep meditation session.

The presentation of the case I made to him was honored by two responses (which is way above average):
  1. A rather nervous movement of the tail (approx. 3 cm) at my mention of the locale (UK) of the case - TBO has little patience for cold, wet and foggy places.
  2. A slight twitch of the left hind leg at the end of presentation, meaning a general approval of the measures being taken.
Let's be hopeful. With sufficient attention to details and some minor brainwashing, the subject will see the light. Eventually.