07 August 2007

The bureaucrats and the vultures

Meryl alerted me to the incredible ecological development in the EU domain. The story in a nutshell is told in three steps:

  • An unnamed genius in the EU juggernaut hierarchy decided that the carcasses of the dead animals should not be left lazying around as vultures' wont. They (the carcasses) are incinerated now.
  • Spanish vultures (well, you know about the Spanish temper - at least from Carmen) didn't like the new arrangements.
  • So they have started hunting livestock and, as some claim, even humans.
The last claim could be exaggerated, some say (although why in the whole blue world three or four brawny and hungry vultures couldn't schlep away a medium-sized person is unclear).

As a result, of course, the farmers, already trained (unlike the vultures) in the ways of survival in the EU bureaucratic jungle, are clamoring for compensation. And you know what: I believe that instead of abolishing that stupid carcass burning regulation, EU will pay off the farmers. This way everyone but the vultures will be happy.

Still, the tree huggers will get into the fray at some stage. And being totally sympathetic with their war, I can offer a way to resolve the stand-off. I suggest that several well nourished and randomly chosen bureaucrats per week, tied up and placed in the relevant locations, will satisfy the vultures and allow EU to infuse new blood in the ranks of its apparatchiks on the regular basis.

I hope the vultures will be OK with the taste...