30 August 2007

Another broadside

Avigdor Lieberman, our Minister of Strategic Threats, definitely does not rest on his laurels. His latest volley should make Mahmoud the Mad sit up and listen.

"The Iranian leadership with Ahmadinejad at its helm is temporary," Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said Monday in an interview with Israel Radio's Farsi station.

The Iranian administration is "a band of crooks jeopardizing the security of Iran and the entire world," he said. "Instead of investing in the economy, [they] are investing in terror and Hizbullah, and I hope the Iranian people will remember this the next time they line up to vote."
All in all, the above will not cause Ahmydinnerjacket a mortal wound, but no one can say it wasn't a strategic threat. As strategic threats go these days.

Not being a man of nuances, Avigdor could benefit from the following details:
  • Iranian leadership does not have "Ahmadinejad at its helm" . Mahmoud is far from being where Avigdor envisions him. Just a figurehead, albeit with a big mouth.
  • Our own administration at the moment is also a bunch of crooks, but so what?
  • And everything is temporary, more so when it is said about administration...