14 August 2007

The unfair advantage

This is really an impressive record:

A German man has broken his own world record for holding his breath under water after managed to remain submerged for 15 minutes and two seconds. Tom Sietas, a 30-year-old engineering student from Hamburg exceeded his own Guinness record time by 37 seconds at the world free diving championships in New York.
And this is really a long article, full of a lot of superfluous details, so you may very well miss this crucial point:
Mr Sietas said that holding his breath helped him to deal with stress, such as getting over an argument with his girlfriend, because he didn't think about anything when he was under water.
Oh, come on, man, this is pathetic. With my mileage (no, I am not disclosing how long here), I can easily out-hold you at any given time. I didn't talk to her for a week once!