01 August 2007

Russian FM tells visiting Abbas...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Monday that Moscow supports him in his conflict with Hamas.

Russian officials raised the ire of Israel and Western nations last year when they held talks with Hamas leaders in Moscow.
Which raises (again) the ugly suspicion of Moscow being in the firm hold of Elders of Zion. And why is that? Simply because of a precedent to this strange behavior of Russian (?) rulers that was set at least 150 years ago in a small Jewish shtetl.

A married couple came to a rabbi to settle their marital problem(s). Of course, the wife starts:

"Dear rebe, this no good blah blah blah..." [you can substitute the contents by your own complaints - for fun]

"You know, what you are saying is very reasonable. You seem to be right", responds the rabbi. Then the husband enters the discussion:

"This woman blah blah blah..." [same here - substitution allowed]

"Hmm... There is a lot of truth in what you are saying", remarks the rabbi.

"But rebe, this man is blah blah blah...", interjects the woman.

"I hear you, dear, and your opinion seems to be correct", answers the rabbi.

"Yes, rebe, but blah blah blah...", demurs the man.

"You know, there is a lot to say for your position", replies our learned rabbi.

And the discussion continues in this vein for some time, until the (ever present) rabbi's wife, unable to take this malarkey anymore, intervenes:

"Moishe, dear, I cannot abide this, I am mightily confused by your strange judgment! How could both sides be right in this situation? "

After a brief contemplation, says the rabbi: "You know, my darling, you are absolutely right too!".

Aw, what the heck - after all, we all know that them Russians will sell their tanks, canons and jets to anyone who comes with a sufficient amount of money. So - isn't everyone right?