13 October 2009

Superpower meme

Jacob Da Jew hit me between the eyes with a meme more than a month ago, and what with the usual Elder's duties and natural forgetfulness, I have recalled it only now. Here are the rules:

  1. Write one superpower you would like to have and what you would do with it.
  2. Write why you chose that super power over everything else.
  3. Tag and link lots of people, and write why you think they will have an interesting meme.
  4. Fix your broken links.
I shall leave the last one on Jacob's conscience, since there is simply no way I would start wading through the lists and, besides, I suspect that he invented it himself. Otherwise:

Firestarter abilities. Why is very simple: I see it as a great helper with starting the grill going and lighting my cigarettes whenever that darn lighter gets lost.

I am aware, by the way, that I wouldn't be able to replicate the Gorgona-like hair effects, for some technical reasons we'll not go into for the moment.

As for the folks I am hitting with the meme:

Lesley - she must already possess a few powers, I am more than sure. Let's see which one she wants in addition.

Andrew Ian Dodge - he is an expert in that realm.

No Good Boyo. Being of Welsh extraction, he must be good in all kinds of magic skulduggery.

Paul. Hope he will find a minute for this. It could be expressed in the haiku format too, I guess.

Katie. I don't know why I include females, by the way, like they need any additional powers. Still, one must give equal opportunity.