03 October 2009

Once again on Mahmoud the Mad's Jewish roots

The story is not, strictly speaking, new. The Jewish roots of so called Mr Ahmadinejad (Saburjian really) have been already discussed earlier this year. Of course, when The Telegraph gets on the subject, the waves are much higher than when it's only Radio Free Europe. No matter, it's all for the best. And there is no arguing with this suggestion:

Experts last night suggested Mr Ahmadinejad's track record for hate-filled attacks on Jews could be an overcompensation to hide his past.
So, here's looking at Mahmoud the Mad: we already know what he is so mad about, and the only thing to clear up is whether he is really Mahmoud.

Moshe would be my bet. But who knows...

Otherwise, some of the younger but aspiring candidates to the Elders' outfit clamor for immediate acceptance of Moshe ( temporary name) Saburjian to the Elders' HQ ranks. Which is a tall order. Usually we require one of the following achievements prior to signing up a candidate:
  • taking a leading role in some major political mayhem in country of residence
  • several disastrous anti-Semitic speeches in public forums
  • being such a major pain in the arse that even one's allies get a turn-off
  • destroying economy of a Zionism-opposing nation
  • becoming so hated by own people that they may prefer embracing...
What, all of the above? Including... yes... yes... you don't say... oh boy...

OK, Moishe Saburjian:

You are accepted, congratulations. Please apply to the local branch of the Elders for your orders as soon as the holidays are over. Meanwhile continue with your current activities. Yes, doing real good.

At ease, Elder.

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