01 October 2009

Ris Low, a beauty queen, resigns after lingerie fraud - ?

I thought I will never be more confused by the intricacies of English than I already am. But this news item simply disabused me of this, obviously erroneous, notion.

Local media last week reported she was sentenced to two years of probation for stealing credit cards and spending $5,642 on lingerie, cell phones and meals at fancy restaurants.
So, when you steal a credit card and use it to purchase stuff, the kind of fraud (and, probably, the punishment) depends on what you purchase. Like in this case it's called lingerie fraud.

So, if I buy a car with a stolen card, it will be, probably, called automotive fraud. If it is a cell phone, it will be a mobile fraud? If it is sex, then, it will be a f... no, I cannot get my head around it, sorry.