07 October 2009

Manuel Zelaya - these are your friends?

After the first outburst of the ousted president of Honduras about the Israeli mercenaries that are torturing him with high-frequency radiation, I was rather entertained by this product of his feverish imagination, ready to discount it as a side effect of his besieged existence in the embassy basement and, probably, paranoid mindset to start with. After all, any would be South American ruler must carry a healthy amount of paranoia, lest some of his colleagues decide to unseat him in a South American style putsch.

I was also mindful of many of my blogger colleagues who feel acute discomfort viewing what is considered by many today an unlawful coup that ended in Zelaya's plight - from exile to that embassy basement. Notwithstanding the opinion that there are enough reasons to consider Zelaya's removal a perfectly lawful act.

But then comes another question, which is not a legal issue and one that could be classified as intangible by a stickler for dry logic. Who, indeed, are Zelaya's friends? Aside from his buddy Chaves who coached him on the way to imposing what would have effectively become a dictatorship.

WSJ article Revolutionary Anti-Semitism shows at least one friend more odious than even Caudillo Chavez - one David Romero Ellner, Executive Director of Radio Globo, Honduras.

Mr Ellner takes the feverish revelations of his ex-president a bit further:

Sometimes I ask myself if Hitler wasn't right when he wanted to finish with that race, through the famous holocaust, because if there are people that are harmful to this country, they are the Jews, the Israelites.
Again, like many of his ilk, Ellner is confusing the politically correct "Israelis" with less politically correct "Jews" or "Israelites". Otherwise, he is an all-around fine supporter of Zelaya and Chavez. Well, and a convicted pedophile:
A few years ago he was convicted and served time in prison for raping his own daughter.
There is more information on Mr Ellner, but I have to visit a vomitorium rather urgently, so you will have to read it yourself over there at Sultan Knish's place.

As for myself, I think that Mr Zelaya shouldn't count on my support anymore. Too bad for him.

Update: The pathetic tapeworm apologizes. Says his grandfather was Jewish. Fuck him.