31 October 2009

Carla Bruni attacked as new Marie Antoinette. So?

Some yellow gossip rag (that is politely called "society magazine") attacks the incomparable Carla:

Point de Vue presents the 41-year-old wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy as a daffy multi-millionaire socialite who does very little real work and is completely out of touch with ordinary people.
Point de Vue... like they can't find a better name for their stupid rag.

Whatever. Follows a test assignment for men:
  1. Take a good look at this here document.
  2. Now confess: do you care about or understand that quote above now?
I rest my case.


Gideon Querido said...

This is ridiculous, how old are you guys? 16?

snoopythegoon said...

Is being old (or young) ridiculous, Gideon?