09 October 2009

On superiority of Iranian science and glowing Mahmoud

I don't know whether you recall the old story where Mahmoud the Mad was bragging about his ability to glow - and no less than in green, the color being both Islamically and politically correct nowadays.

"A DVD is making a splash in Iran. No, it's not the new, pirated King Kong. It shows Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad telling an ayatollah how he was miraculously enveloped by a green aura when he delivered his fiery speech at the recent United Nations General Assembly in New York. He added that for half an hour the array of world leaders, in awe, didn't even blink."
After some research, the green glow was traced to a few Taiwanese scientists who first experimented on pigs, making them glow in green as well. Of course, the suspicion fell on these practical jokers immediately.

The truth, however, could be different. Check this out:

7 Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Species Discovered

Since the story about glowing Mahmoud hit the media sometime in 2005, and the discovery of the glowing mushrooms was published only recently, there is only one conclusion to make: Iranian eggheads were years ahead of their colleagues, concealing the discovery for several years. All this to make Mahmoud the Mad a green halo during his UN stand-up appearance.

Of course, consumption of the mushrooms explains many other oddities in his behavior. And it goes easy on one's memory: MMM - Mushrooms - Mahmoud - Mad...

Hat tip: Lesley.