20 October 2009

Choudary wants the Queen to convert to Islam? So what?

"Sensationalism" is a word recognized by the dictionaries. Its meaning is "Subject matter that is calculated to excite and please vulgar tastes". Which fits some media outfits like a glove. The Sun, for example, with their hysterical headline:

First of all, the man doesn't "tell the Queen", if you read the article itself, he just said:
We invite everyone from the Queen, to the ministers, to the Parliament, to the aristocracy, to the ordinary person in Britain to embrace Islam.
There is a big difference between "turn Muslim" and "embrace Islam", you must agree. Besides, he is not a hate preacher but a servant of Religion of Peace, and no mistake about it.

And the incendiary caption under this picture of the Queen:

Her Majesty ... Islam convert target

Of course, her Majesty is not a "target" but a courteously invited candidate for conversion. Moreover, we have already heard that she is seriously considering the invitation, here comes the proof:

As you can see, Her Majesty is serious about the conversion, notice also that she is sticking to her colors of preference.

And I am sure that her loyal subjects will follow her. Peacefully and willing.

So there.