07 October 2009

Thirty-Six Years Ago Today, Richard Nixon Saved Israel—but Got No Credit

Can't say I hold the late Tricky Dick in high regard. But, saying this, we should remember that, as any man, his personality was more complex than a few black on white lines in the history books. It appears that we, the Israelis, should be more than grateful to Nixon for daring to go where his heart commanded him - without hesitation and doubt.

What is clear, from the preponderance of information provided by those directly involved in the unfolding events, is that President Richard Nixon — overriding inter-administration objections and bureaucratic inertia — implemented a breathtaking transfer of arms, code-named Operation Nickel Grass, that over a four-week period involved hundreds of jumbo U.S. military aircraft delivering more than 22,000 tons of armaments.
Is there a lesson for his successors? Definitely: when you are going to shoot - shoot, don't talk.

Is there a lesson for us? Absolutely: be prepared and don't count on another Operation Nickel Grass...