21 October 2009

It is me, o Lord!

Somehow I have missed the whole brouhaha with the Turkish TV series revealing the Zionist murderers. But then I read that funny interview with the producer of the show:

The producer of the controversial Turkish television series that has caused a diplomatic scandal for depicting soldiers shooting Palestinians said in a conversation with Ynet: "We don't have anything against Israel."
Sure, we don't have have anything against Turkey too. And then came a surprise:
According to him, "Obviously that it needs to be real enough for the viewers, but these aren't the same uniforms. It is really important to emphasize that we love the people in Israel. We love the Israelis."
I have to give the man credit where credit is due: the man is unusually perceptive, witness my astonishment upon seeing this scene:

Do you notice that guy without a helmet? Standing with his back to the camera? In the light uniform shirt? Er... with the red arrow pointing at him? OK.

Well, what do you know - it's me, really! I was much younger then, the obvious proof is the abundant hair where today you will be able to see only some spare and dying growth. And of course this is not an IDF unit, the uniforms are different indeed: it's a platoon of Elders' trainees on a bonus outing. We used to gather a few local folks and put them against a suitable wall then for a friendly no-violence execution. Nothing personal, to be sure. Just a Passover surprise for the eager trainees. Of course, the cadavers were dissected for spare parts, it goes without saying.

Today we are more careful, using abandoned basements, cinema buildings, mosques, in short places where it will be difficult to film us surreptitiously.

As for the above mentioned producer: we love him too and will drop by shortly.


shira ameer said...

simple jews doing simple things

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Right, this is what we are about - simple.