29 October 2009

Too Many Jews Or The Rage Of A little fart

It came to our attention... oh, what the heck: our Signals department sent us a memo with a link to a new opus by a little known British anti-Zionist AssaJew that goes under a moniker Mark Elf (not a musician), keeps a fiery anti-Zionist blog Jews Sans Frontiers and is... well, small in all respects.

Some of his ex-friends call him "tribal Jewish activist", we don't call him anything for more than an year, since we simply got bored by the subject. We have indeed paid some attention to this character at the time, and may have caused him some unpleasant feelings by calling him (in no specific order): leprechaun/worthless leprechaun, varmint, little dreck, paskudnyak, entry level ZioBot, little fart, anti-Zionist troll, hyena, a very disturbed Joo from London, puny brain, der kleiner mensch mit der kleiner pipick (a small man with a small johnson), a sorry and miserable excuse for a human being and a waste of oxygen, putz, kneebiter (a toenail nibbler, actually)... enough for now. While it was established that only the term "little fart" (LF further in this post) is an adequate designation, all others being intended for someone way above his level, it may have smarted...

A bigger man would have spent some time licking his wounds and then simply forgot about this. But, being small, Mark Elf, aka Levixxxx or LF, has a lot of storage space for grudges and besides, it appears, he is a whale for punishment. So, as our Signals correctly reported, more than an year after being mentioned for the last time here, LF decided to give in and play out his frustrations again, in the post titled "Oh no! Jewish Jew bashing fails to silence criticism of racist war criminals". Yes, we know, being of puny brain, LF tends to long, pompous and incomprehensible headlines.

Anyway, in this opus of frustration (no link, search for it yourself - it is easily done by using that pathetic headline as a search string), Simply Jews are being mentioned in a following rant:

And of course they were happy to cross post from that rarity, a hasbara site that's even sillier than Engage, Simply Jews as it managed to bring together crass references to the the genitalia of Palestinian men, jokes at the expense of the late Rachel Corrie, and further reflections on the alleged‘physical inadequacies’ (also of a sexual character) of anti-Zionist Jews. But surely its most egregious moment comes when a new variant of the “self-hating Jew” canard used to deny the legitimacy of anti-Zionist Jewish identity is provided. The author coins the term ‘self-serving’ and goes on to relish in the fortuitous discovery that this provides a means to label anti-Zionist Jews ‘SS Jews’. How curious that these people are usually on record supporting the idea of outlawing the perfectly apt comparison of Israel to nazi Germany because they say it is hurtful to Jews to compare a specifically Jewish state to a state that brought so much harm to so many Jews. Let's leave aside the fact that is precisely the supremacy thing together with the rampant militarism that leads to the comparison between nazis and zionists and focus on the sheer lack of principle of these people who see themselves as Simply Jews or simply Jews.
It is of note that the link provided by LF is not to the site itself, but to a seminal document Anti Zionists: who are you?, written more than three years ago by GideonSwort, our distinguished Wing Commander. Worth your time, I fully guarantee. I also guarantee that if the document continues to inflame the LF's ire after so much time, it must have hit the spot.

I bet that after reading the above quote, you will easily finger the point that drives LF mad: "further reflections on the alleged‘physical inadequacies’ (also of a sexual character) of anti-Zionist Jews". And of course, there is a good reason for him to be mad, but it couldn't be helped. The truth hurts...

As for the insidious refrain "comparison between nazis and zionists": LF does it all the time, and little does he know about the language he is abusing. So, to be helpful:
Noun: nazi - Derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc.

Noun: Nazi - A German member of Adolf Hitler's political party
You see: much as LF likes to compare the Zionists to everything vile and evil under the Sun, he cannot perform even this simple task without stepping on his (small) dick. Even in this he must be assisted...

Now look at the incomprehensible way he decided to round up his semi-coherent rant:
Just to round up, according to these hasbaraniks, Jews must not, as Jews, criticise Israel but Jews, as Jews, must support Israel and attack and smear Israel's critics. Israel must not be likened to the nazis because it's hurtful to Jews, but Jews who, as Jews, criticise Israel, can be called SS Jews. You get the idea?
I don't know whether you get the idea, because we sure don't: there are too many Jooz in it for the whole to be understood by anyone but a raving "anti-Zionist" who will be definitely brought into a righteous frenzy by the repeated use of that word. Oh well, the pathetic little putz gets only more pathetic. Now to the medical details.

A reflection by Wing Commander GideonSwort

A while back, while browsing the Guardian's cesspool (aka Cif), reading a post by the acclaimed Prof. David Hirsh, I came upon a conversation between the aforementioned LF and a poster using the screen name of JackHamertash. Actually it turned out to be more like a psychiatrist intake session, culminating with a diagnosis. LF was being taken apart, bit by bit in a revealing exchange, by JackHamertash, who picked upon a variety of clues from LF's incessant obsessive ramblings. The diagnosis was there for all to see, with LF acknowledging that he has a debilitating psychiatric condition – Asperger's.

A while later, in what turned out to be a complete coincidence, while in a discussion about Joo AZ's common pathologies, I came across an individual that apparently knew LF in his previous guise – as a Zionist Volunteer in a Kibbutz. A rather bizarre story unfolded of rejection and unrequited love. Zion is a small puddle when it comes to things like that. You step in the pond, and you leave a mark. While we won't bore you with the pathetic details, as hearsay comes this one seems pretty probable, as the specific individual bestowing the knowledge upon us seemed to know the details of the chick involved and her apparent whereabouts.

You may at this point ask, why is this relevant? Well, it isn't. We know that LF is not the most cogent individual, but we seem to have stumbled upon a trigger point... We can now understand why LF recognized himself within the framework of the Anti Zionists: who are you? document. One of Asperger's manifested characteristics is a crippling inability to comprehend humor and nuance, which basically explains LF's neurotic detailed rant about a document that's about as lucid as LF's other incessant dreary obsessive mumblings.