25 October 2009

BiondVax success and lesser news

To start with, as a refreshing change, some good news: as heard on the radio, Israeli company BiondVax has successfully completed a limited trial of its universal flu vaccine, where several tens of volunteers, including adults of all ages and pregnant women, were given the universal flu vaccine developed by the company. BiondVax is commencing the next stage of the trial in Israel and has already applied to FDA for a world-wide approval. You can read about the vaccine and the far-reaching implications of its success here, a short quote meanwhile:

Key Benefits
  • Multi-strain protection thus multi-season coverage. One vaccination schedule is expected to confer three to five years protection against the flu.
  • Year-round vaccination is possible independent of the flu season and according to patient preferences and health authorities’ multi year vaccination program.
Which means good news for the world*, for Israel and for BiondVax.

(*) Some folks may not want to be vaccinated by a Zionist product... too bad for them.

On other subjects:

Bibi stepped on his tongue, as it happens with increasing frequency when he wants to be nice to the media, answering "We're looking into that..." when asked about the possibility of setting up an Israeli inquiry into Goldstone report conclusions. Which, of course, has caused a storm in the ministry of defense, Barak being one of the strongest opponents of such inquiry. And of course, Bibi is now in his usual denial stage:
The PM's bureau issued a statement of clarification saying that "in his statements to The Washington Post the PM did not suggest that he is considering creating an investigative committee".
Strange, innit, especially in light of the fact that support of such inquiry in the government and the Knesset appear to be chiefly non-partisan. Which is a miracle by itself.

The rabble-rousers of the Islamic movement on one side and what is euphemistically called "Jewish extreme-right elements" on the other side have again joined forces to cause a squabble over the Temple Mount:
On backdrop of high state of alert in Jerusalem holy site, police attacked with stones, Molotov cocktails. Forces enter Mount in order to catch rioters, using shock grenades; 12 people arrested. Three police officers lightly hurt; Palestinians say eight worshipers also injured.
A pox on both their houses.

And thus another week is starting here...