20 October 2009

Adjust your watches!

From the Watcher:

SAN'A, Yemen (CP) — Yemeni warplanes killed at least 44 Shiite rebels in a series air strikes near the Saudi border, a senior government official said Sunday. The insurgents, however, claim the dead were civilians.

Mohammed Abdelallah al-Qawsi, deputy interior minister, said 27 of the rebels were killed by a strike on a rebel hideout in an abandoned hospital in the small town of Razeh.

The rebels, however, said the hospital was still functional and those killed inside were civilians.
The contradiction of terms, I suggest, is simply a matter of choosing your point of reference on the time axis (since the location is agreed upon, as it looks): of course, the hospital was functional before the strike, promptly becoming abandoned after it. So, you see, it's not really a contradiction here.

So chill, folks.

And, as Watcher says, Goldstone could help to figure it out too.


Anonymous said...

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