25 December 2007

Valérie Bègue (Miss France) - Christ on a crucifix in pink bikini?

I just had to know what causes the whole hullabaloo in France, and here it comes from an expert:

The fiercely competitive world of French beauty pageants is not known for sparking philosophical debate between Catholic bishops and politicians, let alone a threatened uprising on an exotic ocean island.

This month a panel of sporting and showbiz celebrities, aided by a public vote, gave the crown to Valérie Bègue, 22, a mixed race business student from the Indian Ocean island, Réunion.

But the mood soured when photographs taken three years ago were sold to a French magazine last week showing Bègue posing as Christ on a crucifix in a pink bikini. Other pictures showed her eating yogurt in a suggestive manner.
Yep. Somebody is being totally uncool, and this has to be alleviated. So here is another cooling picture:

The poor chap was already sick when photographed here and expired in a day or so. So forget pink bikinis and suggestive yogurts. Think about our life that is no more than a brief moment of consciousness in a sea of time. Think about the hedgehog that passed away. Think about the vacance next August.

Cool down...


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