04 December 2007

Oh Debka, Debka...

Another report from Debka on another aircraft carrier, this time USS Harry S. Truman, moving from here to there, with the usual dire predictions.

And another time (I wish I had a shekel for each time I see this phrase uttered by Debka):

Our sources interpret the new build-up as signifying US preparedness for a possible military confrontation with Iran.
And what is the clincher for this conclusion? A new-fangled ScanEagle unmanned aerial vehicle.
It is the first time a UAV has been employed in this way by a US multi-mission naval group and, should hostilities break out with Iran, this drone would make war history. ScanEagle flies up to 10,000 feet, clicking electro-optical or infrared cameras 20 hours of the day and night.

It is completely noiseless.
Unlike Debka...