26 December 2007

Some toilet humor

It is not that I intended to post this, but by coincidence I have stumbled today on two sources of some funny toilet-related information. If you are against this kind of entertainment, just don't click on that "Read more..." below.

The following is lifted from a "funniest of the year" post in WND.

Apparently the picture was taken at a summer historical festival in Northamptonshire, England. The valiant knight definitely deserves a few points to be subtracted from his final ranking for this breach of protocol - knights have hardly been known to use chemical potties.

The next news item (same source) is really a balm on my wounds of a veteran smoker. Finally a non-smoker who suffers the consequences of smoking ban in pubs:

Stewart Laidlaw, stealth flatulence expert

Mr Laidlaw, you see, was using the heady smell of the cigarette smoke as a... smokescreen for his quiet emissions of gas.
"No one could smell anything when the pub was full of cigarette smoke," Laidlaw said. "I never used to complain about the smell of their cigarette smoke, but now everyone complains about me."
Mr Laidlaw was expelled (no pun intended) from his pub. Too bad. Anyway, judging by the slightly bulging eyes, the lad is trying to quit his habit.

It appears, according to the following commercial (via Charles G. Hill of Dustbury.com) that Mr Laidlaw does not have to keep his troubles to himself anymore, the help is on the way.

Er... well, enough for one year, I think.