26 December 2007

Jooz got Santa or how to deal with the writer's block

This is an updated post from December 23. I promised to publish the best answer.

These days, when the movie industry is clamoring for new ideas for a narrative (and, incidentally, suffering from the writers' strike), the ever creative Palestinian folks keep surprising.

The two following pictures have one thing in common and significantly differ in their fate. Guess the commonality and the difference, and you will get absolutely nothing bad in return.

The best answer will be published here:

The best answer to the first question (what is common between the two shots above) belongs to Dick Stanley:

Uh, both are phony?
Of course, both are staged. Not faked in the sense of a Photoshop job, but as this article in Honest Reporting shows, there is no need to do so: the Pallywood screenwriters are trained exceedingly well in such tasks.

As for the answer to the second question (about the different fates of the shots), no one cared. Probably it is only too clear that, while the second shot will be forgotten in a while, treasured only by a few Greens, the first will make the rounds of all the main media outlets and grace the anti-Israeli sites for years.

In this respect it is my pleasure to quote a rare confession (made in another, but related case) by a Spectator journalist Rod Liddle in this article:
If we - or some other TV monkeys - had not been there, it would not have happened. We were there to witness injustice; and also, if possible, exacerbate it for the benefit of the viewing public.... And when the TV crews, or the international observers are around, the Palestinians play it up for all it is worth; they know how it will go down with an international audience.