19 December 2007

Laure Manaudou, Jamie Lynn Spears, Casey Aldridge, Anna Chakvetadze, John Berg and others

Ladies and gentlemen, dear surfers!

The subjects above make you overexcited, which state is fraught with dangers. Look at this and relax:

This freshwater crustacean (Potamon potamios palestinensis) is very cool, in my opinion. She/he minds hers/his own private business, does not stick its nose in the sordid underwear of celebrities and minds this (from the link above):

Vivid auditory hallucinations and paranoid delusions are the real frighteners and, unlike hallucinogens, the "trip" cannot be turned around. This is a very real mental state caused by over-excitement of the brain's fright centres.

Its effects often start with curiosity, deep thought, and paranoia. Its slow build up makes it all the more dangerous, as it is harder to recognise the symptoms.