19 December 2007

A new pen-friend

This here blog has produced an innocent sneer or two in the general direction of the famous MPACUK (_http://mpacuk.org/_). On several occasions yours truly even got a few "complimentary" messages and comments from its especially irked fans, but by now it is water under the bridge, of course. Be it as it may, this blog did not pay MPACUK the attention it really deserves.

It is with great pleasure that I present here the blog named "The Useful Idiot" - a very misleading name as you shall see after a quick dip into its contents. MPACUK is hardly known outside of UK, and it's quite the time somebody teared that thin veil of respectability from its - let's not mince words here - ugly mug. And "The Useful Idiot" does this, and much more, with diligence and success, so more power to its owner!

Did I mention his tender care of BBC and IslamOnline?