14 December 2007

Democracy then, idiocracy now.

By a strange coincidence, I was at the last chapter or two of the excellent work by Nick Cohen - "What is Left?", when I got a tip about a spoof site Not Democracy Now, mimicking the infamous Democracy Now site of infamous Amy Goodman. Not being a fan of DN in general or Amy Goodman in particular, I was forced to take a look at the DN site to get a first impression. Tell you what - there wouldn't be a second impression, unless under torture.

The coincidence is funny, because Amy Goodman is fitting the profile of many characters Nick Cohen put under a scalpel in his book - the lefties who, after the loss of their socialist beacon, are guided by a very primitive missive: "enemy of my enemy is my friend". The missive that causes many of the "progressive left" to become in the worst case fellow travelers for every bloody dictator and merciless murderer in the world or, in a better case, to provide fertile ground for unimpeded growth of poisoned mushrooms like George Galloway, Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill and, lest we forget, Noam Chomsky the Mastermind of the century.

In short - if you want to see a choice selection of fun interviews with choice selection of thoroughly unpleasant characters - from above mentioned Mastermind to Pol Pot (hmm... I wonder whether it's a coincidence) - please do not hesitate. Go to the Not Democracy Now site and enjoy! I did.