29 December 2007

The three stooges strike again

If you thought it is a picture of our PM preparing to eat a crow, think again.

Olmert said earlier Wednesday that he had no intention of stepping down from his position after the Winograd Committee of inquiry into the Second Lebanon War publishes its final report.
The crow was already evenly split between Amir Peretz, the ex-defense minister and Dan Halutz, the ex-Chief of Staff. With some feathers, beak and other leftovers for a few senior officers.

Now to the second specimen:

His shenanigans deserve no less attention:
This Monday, when Likud chair Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the Knesset, he understood too late that in less than 24 hours he had managed to infuriate all the members of his faction.
How, you may want to ask?
The storm erupted on Sunday night, after the MKs discovered that some of Netanyahu's men were asking members of the central committee to sign an initiative to change the Likud constitution, enabling him to guarantee two seats to his own people in the first four groups of 10 on the Likud Knesset slate.
Uhu. And, of course, Bibi denies any involvement in this maneuver. But:
No one believed him, least of all the MK who several hours earlier had sent a central committee member to contact Netanyahu's bureau and ask to sign the document, and in response was sent to one of the political activists who works with Shlomo. The document in question was written as a request to Netanyahu, which led to an inside joke in the faction about the fact that "Netanyahu wrote a letter to himself."
Ehehe... Now to the third character:

It looks as though Defense Minister and Labor chair Ehud Barak, the man who was not part of the leadership of the Second Lebanon War, will be the person to draw the most fire from the political establishment after publication of the final report of the Winograd Committee.
Strange, innit? But it is simple really: you see, the man practically bashed himself unconscious, beating his chest and swearing to quit if Olmert doesn't resign when Winograd report... but see above.

And if you believe that he will quit the coalition and his defense minister's office, well, I have a bridge for sale you may want to take a look at...