19 December 2007

Hi, this is your public servant, can I help you?

The story, as I heard today on Army radio (may be imprecise in some details):
an editor from the "Maariv for the young" (a supplement of the popular daily) has sent letters to all 120 Israeli MKs (members of Israeli parliament), presenting himself as a 16 year old high school student from a poor family. He asked for help (not defined as a monetary donation or anything else specific) with books required for the diploma exams and left his phone number. The results were quite encouraging.
62 out of 120 MKs responded - either directly or via their administrative assistants. Almost all offered some kind of assistance or referred the "poor student" to relevant social services or a charity. In a short interview, the following responses were especially noticed as outstanding:

  1. Ely Yishay (Minister) - called himself and sent a personal check.
  2. Tzipi Livni (FM) - called herself, offered to send the books left from her children and other assistance.
  3. Meir Sheetrit - called himself and referred to an organization that takes care of such cases, asked for a follow-up on the results.
Many of the others were helpful too.

Now to the other side of the coin: outstanding non-callers. Of course, who but the three stooges:

How do you like them chickens...


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