03 December 2007

Blogrush - decision time?

This blog is subscribed to good services of Blogrush for a fair length of time, and we can start looking at the results.

As I mentioned before, there is a lot to love about Blogrush technical know-how, its reporting system and the general sense of being with it.

The results, however, how to say it gently - are not overwhelming. To give you some measure of the sense of failure I experience looking at the monthly reports, here is an example of November pickings:

Credits: 90,000*
Hits: 25

(*) Credits are hits collected from this site and all its affiliated (the blogs who signed up via this one).

To tell you the truth: disappointing. I can press the refresh button 25 times in a few minutes to get that number of hits, if push comes to shove. Of course, I know that we, the bloggers, rarely stray away from our favorite news sites and own blogrolling lists for reading. And I know that the headlines we invent are important (but then I wouldn't want to stand on my head to invent sexy headlines not related to the contents). Still, there were high expectations...

So, it could be a good time to say goodbye to Blogrush.

On the other hand - why not give them another month or so?

Alerting an expert...