03 December 2007

Don Imus and Karith Foster - a Black Texas NY 'Jew'

That new partnership on WABC radio station is Don Imus' way to say "sorry", apparently.

The black sidekick joining shock jock Don Imus on his return to the airwaves today is an Oxford-educated Texas cowgirl whose career has ranged from broadcast journalism to stand-up comedy, sources told The Post.
Well, Karith Foster certainly sounds like a colorful person - no pun intended. A stand-up comedian with a journalism background, a Harlem resident who grew up outside Dallas and an Oxford University graduate, oh, and JA-AP [Jewish African-American Princess] to boot - very impressive.

Good luck to both. I personally will stick to my friend Gay Black Jew - my radio doesn't receive WABC here in the boonies.

Update: look Karith up on Comedy Central - it is certainly worth your time!