11 December 2007

'Cannibal' killer commits suicide

Cannot say I shed a tear for this one.

A murder suspect dubbed "the cannibal" was found dead in his prison cell of an apparent suicide Tuesday, two months after police found cooked and seasoned bits of his girlfriend's corpse on a fork and plate in his apartment.
Nor do I find anything exceptional in this:
Acquaintances, prosecutors and psychologists described Calva as a charismatic, habitual liar who liked to dominate women, whom he sometimes convinced to sell his poems on the street. He also passed himself off as a playwright, television personality, reporter, novelist and actor.
There are indeed quite a few charismatic habitual liars, employed as playwrights, television personalities, reporters, novelists and actors. Not many of them dismember and cook their girlfriends, though.

Live like a dog... Anyway, he probably died of malnutrition. Suicide my foot...