21 December 2007

Photohunt: Light

The theme for this week is "Light". This is a loaded word, for sure.

To start with, I went for the first thing that came to mind:

Doesn't require an explanation, I am sure. Just to mention that it came from a pigeon, the most despicable of all birds in my eyes - and no, I didn't off it.

Now to something completely different:

There is a lot of light in that scene, and the kite (or whatever this contraption is called) is light as well.

The bug could be light or heavy, I am not sure - after some consideration I have decided not to pick it up. The pinkish light around the critter came from the autofocus gizmo of my camera.

Now does this little cossack radiate light or does he
radiate light?

And not to forget: Merry Christmas to all the shutterbugs who celebrate it! And Happy New Year to all.

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