25 January 2010

Shin Bet: Hamas operatives cause flooding in Haifa

The recent wave of torrential rains all over the country have caused a lot of damage and claimed several victims.

While in all other areas of the country the flooding was, unfortunately, natural and easily explained by lack of appropriate infrastructure (mostly insufficient drainage), the especially severe flooding of large neighborhoods of Haifa required an undercover investigation, involving several arms of Israeli security.

The question that the security investigation had to answer was: how did it happen that the system of drainage canals and dams built in the Haifa region failed to protect many of its lower located districts from the floods.

While the investigation is still going on, we have received the first conclusions from a senior source that demanded anonymity for the time being. It appears that, driven by Hamas' and Iranian propaganda, a group of Hamas members intentionally opened the gates of a Nahar Dam near village of El Sharmutta located on the slopes of Carmel mountain. The result was immediate and disastrous, causing uncounted damage to the city of Haifa.

Haifa municipal employee speeds toward El Sharmutta to close the sluicegate.

Several arrests were already made, and the investigation is continuing, so expect the links to the Hamas' leadership in Gaza and Damascus to be uncovered soon.

Afterword: of course it is a spoof. There is no drainage system around Haifa, at least not a sufficient one. This is, unhappily, the picture of the whole country, usually caught unprepared for any serious rainfall.

While the damage and lost lives where, unfortunately, real (and so are the pictures), no one to my knowledge has perpetrated a deed described here. However, this spoof is a mirror image of the "water libel" perpetrated by Hamas recently and described with more details here. Just to show how easy it is done...

It is also a response to a particularly interesting person called Tammy Obeidallah, who will be a subject of another post later.


Noga said...

I strolled through Tammy's blog, as referenced here.  I left her a question. I'm waiting for her reply.

Can't wait for your exclusive on Tammy.

David All said...

Thanks, Snoopy. It is a funny spoof that points out the difference between Israel and Hamas is not only is Israel a democracy while Hamas is not; Israel is sane while Hamas is crazy!
I cannot wait for your exclusive on weird Tammy, either.

Serious Note: I am sorry about the lives lost in the recent flooding in Israel, but this is something that has to be expected to happen more often as the Arctic Ice Cap continues to melt and ocean levels rise. Low-lying countries like Israel are going have to take extensive projects like the system of Dikes in Holland in order not to be flooded out. Remember it was not raining when Noah built the Ark.

Personal Note: I was able to access the comments directly, thanks Snoopy. Let's see if this will post.         

Dick Stanley said...

Oh, yeah, must be global warming. Just like that earthquake in Haiti. Well, at least the drought is over.

snoopythegoon said...

Nope, the draught is far from over yet. We need much more rainfall than the average yearly to catch up with accumulated shortage of water, both in the surface reservoirs (incl. Kinneret) and in the aquifer.

snoopythegoon said...

Posted just fine. It is Echo's intermittent failures. I hope it will stabilize with time...

snoopythegoon said...

Oh Noga, Noga, why do you fee that you have to engage all anti-Israeli bloggers personally? Leave something to the Elders too ;)

Noga said...

Snoop: I left a very reasonable request for some clarification on Tammy's blog. No answer as yet. What do you make of it? It couldn't be that she made up stuff, could it?


snoopythegoon said...

Hi Noga, I am not familiar with the commission she goes on about, but I doubt it would be a worthy read, since "Nine-tenths of the population surveyed, including Muslim and Christian groups, were against Zionism. Their final recommendation read". Why should we be surprised?

Dick Stanley said...

Hmm. Your drought does sound bad. You obviously need more global warming. Keep pumping out the carbon, eh?

Tammy Obeidallah said...


Read it and weep. By the way, where else are you published, besides on your own made-up Zionazi blogs? LOL

snoopythegoon said...

Tammy, dear, the place you are so proud of posting at is usually closed to Zionazis like me. I guess we both know which opus you have placde there, os there is no need to really read it. If you consider it to be a crowning achievement of your life, I join the celebration.

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