30 January 2010

Obama - the most reactionary president since Nixon?

I accept that readers may find this a hard sentence to swallow, but when it comes to promoting democracy, the emancipation of women and the liberation of the oppressed, Barack Obama has been the most reactionary American president since Richard Nixon.
It may be a hard sentence to swallow indeed, but first read this article by Nick Cohen.


Dvar Dea said...

<p><span>It is very interesting to follow the evolution of the International Relation philosophies of the Democrats and the Republicans in the United States. While I would agree with some of Mr. Cohen analysis of those philosophies, the title in the headlines is far to harsh and way premature in my opinion, giving that Obama is slightly more then a year in office, and we are yet to see how the implementations of left wing philosophies affect those philosophies. President Obama Nobel speech shows that adjustments do take place. How far and with what kind of relation to the problems/challenges at hand, that remains to be seen – however I do not expect him to become a republican. </span>
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</p><p><span>However, from an Israeli point of view this analysis carries little weight, since historically all US administrations had the same policy towards Israel and the Middle East conflict, whether Democrats or Republicans.</span></p>

snoopythegoon said...

Be it as it may, even some Europeans heads of governments are despairing of the "let's engage them" stance Obama kept for a whole year. Look at Iran and Russia, at Taliban etc.

The headline may be intentionally harsh, but there is a lot of sense in what NC is saying.