04 January 2010

More on the missile-defense betrayal

This painful for several European countries subject is not going to be forgotten soon (unless it is in corridors of power in Washington).

It was not uncommon for a pharaoh to deface the monuments of his predecessors, insert his name in their inscriptions, or impose his likeness on the heads of their statues. The enterprising ruler—whoever he might have been—responsible for introducing this practice debased the respect traditionally accorded to a Pharaoh’s postmortem, opening the door of precedent for successors to usurp his monuments and achievements in turn. Fiddling with the permanence of the past in exchange for artificial boosts to a leader’s legacy tends to be self-defeating.
Kejda Gjermani, Assistant Online Editor of Commentary Magazine, published an excellent article on the subject. I know that for many of US citizens the subject is of no special import. However, it's important to understand how people in other parts of the world feel about the Obama administration's decision to scrap the project.