20 January 2010

Noam the Mastermind strikes again

Noam Chomsky, the "Mastermind of the Century" should be by rights crowned as a king of manipulators when it comes to overlooking, deliberately misinterpreting or otherwise distorting history as it fits his current point of view. And one is filled by a sense of wonder and admiration when one reads the following coming out of his disinfo labs:

The first and most crucial principle is therefore to evade our own crimes. Next, vilify the messenger, to ensure that unwanted history is forgotten. And finally, vilify those who dare to refute charges against official enemies, thus preserving the right to posture heroically about their real or alleged crimes without concern for such impediments as fact and uncertainty.
A crushing blow to Chomsky detractors, isn't it? Or, in other words - beyond pathetic, some may want to say...

Read Malcolm Caldwell, Noam Chomsky and the Cambodian Genocide by Michael Ezra.

And Never apologise, never explain by Oliver Kamm.


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