06 January 2010

Iraq to sue Israel over removal of Tammuz nuclear reactor

According to this source, this is not a joke:

An Iraqi parliament member said Tuesday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki plans to sue Israel for damages done to his country following its destruction of the Tammuz nuclear reactor.
Moreover, the move seems to be inspired by the Unbelievable Nimrods:
Al-Maliki's appeal follows an answer received from the UN Secretariat by the government of Iraq on November 25, which says Iraq has a right to demand compensation for the damage Israel did to it with the attack on the reactor, through a neutral committee which will assess the extent of the damage.
It figures: what else do we have the nimrods for, if not to inspire new anti-Israeli ideas? Anyway, the expected amount of the claim is not specified yet. To help Mr Al-Maliki and his accounting department with the calculations, we'll designate the future claim amount as X, with the following breakdown to use for the final calculations:
  1. Removal of the reactor: X
  2. Less Y for the cost of operation Opera to IDF (to be presented when appropriate)
  3. Less X for being in state of war with Israel
  4. Less 100*X (a rough figure) for avoidance of nuclear conflict with said Israel and conversion of vast surfaces of Iraq into glassified parking lot
  5. Less Z*X for the property of Iraq's Jews that flew Iraq (Z to be calculated based on this and other data)
  6. Less 10*X for damages incurred by Israel thanks to Iraqi Scuds during the first Gulf war, while not being a side to the whole shebang
  7. Less 3*X for the chutzpa and moral turpitude
  8. Less 5*X for the Jewish lawyers to take care of the court proceedings
  9. Less W - whatever else the above mentioned lawyers will decide
I think we have an interesting deal here. Don't you?

Meanwhile, as a sign of good will for Mr Al-Maliki, two (free of charge) clips on the subject of operation Opera (the second one could be actually classified as a musical):


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