09 January 2010

Egypt kicks Galloway's ass out

Egypt has declared renegade British politician George Galloway persona non grata, accusing him of incitement after his harsh criticism of Cairo over delays in an aid convoy's entry into Gaza.
I think this illustration will be appropriate for the case:

The reason, however, for the "renegade British politician" being kicked out is less funny.
An Egyptian border guard was killed and at least a dozen Palestinians wounded in a shooting scuffle along the Gaza Strip border. One official said Wednesday that the border guard was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper while Gazan youths hurled stones across the border at the Egyptian security forces. Egyptian forces opened fire on Palestinians who were pelting them with rocks from the other side of the border over frustration that an aid convoy had been delayed.
It is clear that upon return to his captive British audience, GG, this sorry excuse for a human being, will blame Zionists for all that happened near the border. His rabble-rousing and incessant provocations are not to blame for this death, of course.

And here is another news item, not unrelated to the disgusting subject of this post:
B’nai Brith Canada has condemned the Al-Ameen Post, an Islamic community newspaper, which recently ran an article accusing Jews of bringing into Israel “some 25,000 Ukrainian children” in order to harvest their organs.

The article was reprinted in its entirety from Press TV, the official mouthpiece of the terrorist-sponsoring Iranian regime. According to Al-Ameen’s website, its editorial board members are also the members of the British Columbia Muslim Association Executive Board.
Why is this not unrelated? Because Iranian Press TV is one of the favorite feeding troughs of GG the Spiv, where he is actively encouraged by his hosts to spew his hateful propaganda weekly.

Enough, even a mention of this character smells somewhat awful...


snoopythegoon said...

US stooges and Zionists, of course!