16 January 2010

Gaspar Llamazares angered his photo used for Osama bin Laden

A Spanish lawmaker [a member of Communist Party of Spain] was stunned and horrified to find out that the FBI used his photograph as part of a digitally enhanced image showing what Osama bin Laden might look like today.
Well, I have to say that the similarity is striking. Must make him proud, but the guy isn't feeling good, and for a reason:
The 52-year-old politician said he would not feel safe traveling in the U.S. now, because many airports use biometrics technology that compares the physical characteristics of travelers to passport or other photographs.
One can understand the logic of that sentiment, however he spoils the effect by adding:
I have no similarity, physically or ideologically, to the terrorist bin Laden.
He is mistaken not only about his physical similarity to OBL, which is obvious, but also about that second item. Proof:
Welcome to America, comrade Llamazares / Bin Laden. I hear them Homeland Security folks have especially cold and humid dungeons with huge rats and dripping with sewage ...


Louise said...

I think they screwed up bin Laden, too.

paul said...

OBL can go to USA now and they'll say - let him through - it's that cranky MP from Spain

indonesianmuslim said...

blog walking... 8-)


elCapi said...

You are a bit devious to say the least...... the image of Bin Laden is NOT REAL, it has been composed by some FBI artis using the photo of G. Llamazares.

Thas Is The Problem.

snoopythegoon said...

I am as devious as they come, elCapi ;)

Of course, you are right, but where will be the fun of the story? Besides, commies shouldn't be shy.

snoopythegoon said...


snoopythegoon said...


Dick Stanley said...

Still say, have said for let's see, uh, eight years now, that Osama bin dead ever since Tora Bora. Not that I would expect the FBI to have figured it out.

snoopythegoon said...

I hope you are right. But the clips he is producing from time to time seem to be authentic.

sujon said...

I like your post but not good write.

snoopythegoon said...

How come? If it is a good read, it must be a good write then?

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