22 January 2010

Random wisecracks

Syria's Mufti: Islam commands us to protect Judaism

"Jews, however, these sons of pigs and monkeys, are another matter", added Mufti after some more deliberation.

Norway FM to Haaretz: We are not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel

"Yes, there is this gruesome phenomenon of anti-Semitism, also in our society. Yes, there is a strong anti-Israeli sentiment in our good people. Yes, we all love Knut Hamsun and hail him. Of course, our government and I are rabidly hostile toward Israel. Surely I have happily endorsed a book that accused Israel of premeditated mass murder during Cast Lead (but it doesn't mean... er... nothing). Indeed, we did appoint the deputy minister of the environment Ingrid Fiskaa, who is somewhat anti-Semitic. But how do you get from all this that we are anti-Israeli or Anti-Semitic?", retorted the minister.