19 January 2010

Valley of the Wolves: Tel Aviv

I have to say that with Turkish PM and other luminaries being quite belligerent toward Israel lately, their press keeps to a more moderate point of view. This article, for instance, makes a wry remark about the Mossad's appearance in the infamous TV series: "... this episode did strain the boundaries of artistic responsibility". Still, being a Turkish (and quite influential) newspaper, Hürriyet offers an interesting solution to the current brouhaha: to continue the Valley of the Wolves, but as a comedy. They have even offered a main character:

Frustrated Israeli diplomat, not well liked or respected by colleagues. His biggest assignment is as cultural attaché to the Israeli mission in Panama. In order to climb, he cuddles up to various right-wing politicians. Eventually, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon appoints him ambassador to Washington, known in the Israeli foreign service as a posting for political sycophants.
And a sketch for the plot:
One day our character, now resurrected from retirement as Israel’s deputy foreign minister in a bizarre coalition government, brings international disgrace on his country with a stunt to seat the Turkish ambassador in a diminutive chair while cameramen look on. No sooner than this crisis passes with a formal apology from the boorish diplomat’s old patron, Benjamin Netanyahu, then our protagonist steps in the mud again. This time announcing to TV cameras he will expel the same ambassador if Turkish screenwriters step out of line again.
The idea is to recreate the sublime "Yes, Minister" in the Middle-Eastern environment.

Whatever you say about the high politics, I like the Hürriyet's approach. If we only could make it a Turkish-Israel co-production...


Jacob said...

Its a movie, i dont understand why you guys makin it a big deal..?  isnt it so  isnt Mossad doin all of those shts everywhere..,? and Its too funny  tat article attacts to the movie by whatever the newspaper ( Hurriyet ) says..?  thats your referance..?  SO if the same newspaper said " yea the show is right , Israil is doin all those shts "  then what wud you say..?  I dont know what kind of site you guys are over here but i can tell the you made yourself look pretty  funny  by tat article about the show "Valley of the wolves "  ..

snoopythegoon said...

What are them "shts", Jacob?