01 January 2010

A question about modesty re Miss Camel pageant

Reading the post Fabulous "Miss Camel" Pageant by Yitzchak Goodman aka Judeopundit, I was struck by a sudden question: don't the basic requirements for modesty in places where modesty issue is big, regulate the modest appearance of female animals, such as (but not limited to) camels?

I have looked up camels' images, but as far as dressing is concerned, found only this:

Not being a camel expert, I am not even sure that this is a female one. But if it is, it will be a camel equivalent of a Ms Universe wannabe or whatever Ms of human female species strutting around the podium in a skimpy bikini... I can see where overenthusiastic camel aficionados could lose their self-control, thus I call for this loophole in the modesty laws to be closed.